The Grand Canyon

This was a cool way to see a lot of the Grand Canyon in one day.
It all started with a flight to Las Vegas for the weekend. There are lots of Grand Canyon air tours that leave from Vegas.
We went for the small plane (instead of the helicopter) tour. The helicopter trips go further down into the Canyon, and often land at several places.

The small plane flew us at about ground level through much of the Canyon.
By gound level, I mean if you look out the window, you'll be looking directly at the ground at the top of the Canyon on either side.
Often, the pilot would tilt the plane from side to side, so that the wing was pointing almost straight down into the Canyon.
This did result in use of the barf bags by some people. But they still had a blast. Hehe.

The plane landed near the Canyon. Then a bus drove us around to all the best spots.
The small plane took us back to Vegas at the end of the day.

Someday I want to hike down into the Canyon and/or take a 3-5 day rafting trip. It is really awesome.
Here are some examples of available tours of the Grand Canyon.

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