Medium Tesla Coil

The Medium Tesla coil is 25" tall with a base that is 18" x 24".
The 4"x22" secondary is PVC wound with #26 magnet wire.
The flat-spiral primary is 1/4" copper water tubing, tuned with a clamp.
The spark gap was two copper tubes dangled in the air from wires (pix with the arc light at the base).
Then, a 7-segment static gap with ceramic-tile containment box was constructed.
The cap is a 0.02 uF @45 KV Maxwell.
The toroid is a 12" x 3" spun aluminum from Information Unlimited.
The power supply is one 15KV / 60 mA FranceFormer Neon Sign Transformer.
The base is connected to an 8' ground rod using a thick copper jumper cable.
The sparks are about 36" long, which is about 500,000 volts.

the beast

The Tesla Lab.
Spark gap box and capacitor are visible toward back of  lab bench.
Transformer is on lab stool below the capacitor.

The 15 KV at 60 mA Neon Sign Transformer.

0.02 uF at 45KV capacitor

adding more 10 gauge wire to the first primary that was too short to tune

7-segment static spark gap made of copper tubes and housed in a ceramic-lined box (fire-proof)

a florescent light becomes a light saber

a florescent light glows to full intensity from about 5 feet away

don't like to see those secondary strikes