Tesla Coil HOT Links

Kevin's Tesla Coil       Home of the BIGGG Tesla Coil. 12 feet high, 8 foot toroid, 24 foot sparks.

Ross Overstreet          Ross-O & The TCBFW take a BIGGG Roadtrip.  Many excellent photos.

Wild Bill gets Cooked    Kevin's BIGGG coil gets fired up and Wild Bill goes in for a roasting.

Dallas' Place            Another BIGGG Tesla Coil site, (if Kevin's site is under construction).

CAUAC: by Syd Klinge     Tesla Coil built to honor the Mayan God of lightning and storms (30 foot arcs).

Dr MEGA VOLT             Giant Tesla Coil Project. He frys himself regularly for a nominal fee.

Tesla Systems Research   Makes Tesla Coils for museums and universities worldwide. Check out the Gallery.

Lightning On Demand      Specialists in large-scale Tesla Coils.

kVA Effects              World's leader in the theatrical lightning generation.

Steve's High Voltage     Check out Ed Wingate's TWIN, Richard Hull's Nemesis, & Robert Golka's plane zapper.

  • Ed Wingate's TWIN
  • Richard Hull's Nemesis
  • Robert Golka's plane zapper

  • Eastern Voltage Research Latest in Solid-State Tesla Coil Technology, Spark Gap Coils, and Teslathons.

    Tribute to Nicola Tesla  Find out all about Nikola Tesla and his inventions.

    Wardenclyffe Project     Tesla's century-old laboratory in Long Island, New York.

    Bert Hickman             Teslamania: Tesla coils, quarter shrinking, Mendocino motors, Lichtenberg figures.

    Hot Streamer             Terry Fritz runs this portal to numerous Tesla Coil sites, including his own.

    Tesla Coil Mailing List  The Users Group for active coilers.  Email based, so it comes to you.

    Gary Weaver              Build your own Tesla coils, capacitors, spark gaps, cannons, and Marx generators.

    Richie's Tesla Coil      Comprehensive information about all aspects of Tesla coil operation.

    John Freau               TCs, Homemade Toroids, SRSG Electronic Phase Controller, VTTCs.

    Bert Pool                Magnifiers, Warthog (huge TC), Greg Leyh's huge Tesla coil (21' sparks).

    Ed Wingate               Huge Lab, Huge Magnifier, Huge Twin, precision balanced G10 rotary spark gaps.

    Scots Shop               Tesla Coiling, Sparkler Bombs, Lasers, Marshmallow Bunnie Survival Tests.

    Deep Fried Neon          Tesla Coil design guide, equations, components, Teslathons and events.

    Adam & Tina's Madness    Tesla Coils, Spud Launchers, Extremely Stupid Experiments, Hand Dug Swimming Pool.

    Electrotherapy Museum    Prepare to be shocked at turn of the last century (1900) quack medical instruments.

    D & M's High Voltage     Tesla Coils and parts for sale.

    Information Unlimited    Tons of science and technology stuff, Tesla Coils and parts for sale.

    The Lifters Experiments  An Apparatus for Generating Thrust from High Voltage. Very cool.

    Ball Lightning           How to make a Stable Plasmoid with the GMR v1.0 ( Graphite Microwave Resonator )





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