RATCB Teslathon 2002


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RATCB Teslathon 2002 Video Short
montage of cool Teslathon stuff
(2 minutes)

(22 Mbytes)

(5 Mbytes)

Ed Wingate's Classic Tesla Coil
closer look and operation
(4 minutes)

Classic 18" coil: Spark output ~ 12 feet, which is almost four times the winding length.
Secondary: 18" dia. Sonotube 41" long with a winding length of 39"/ #18THHN stranded machine tool wire, 393 turns/1900'. Resonant frequency 98 KHZ.
Toroids: One 64" X 10" and one 30" X 7"
Primary: 6 turns of .030" X 3" wide copper strip tapped at 5 turns
Tank: .1 MFD @ 45KVDC Condenser Products pulse cap and 12 point ASRG running 3/8" solid tungsten electrodes.
Power supply: 14.4 KV/10KVA pole transformer

(38 Mbytes)

(8 Mbytes)

Ed Wingate's Magnifier Tesla Coil
closer look and operation
(? minutes)

Magnifier: Spark output ~14 feet
Extra coil: 15" dia. PVC tubing 41" long W/32" winding length of #18 magnet wire/744 turns,2900 feet, 77Mh inductance and 64 KHZ resonant frequency.
Toroids: One 56" X 10" and one 30" X 7"
Secondary/driver: 32" dia.X 48" L. polyethylene with a 25" winding length of #10 TFFN machine tool wire/145 turns,1218 feet, 13.8 Mh inductance.
Primary: 14 turns of 3/8" soft copper tubing tapped at 9 turns. Coupling factor is .482.
Tank: Two .1 MFD @ 45KV Condenser Products pulse caps in series in Tesla equidrive configuration for a total capacitance of .05 @ 90KV.
12 point asynchronous series rotary with 12 gaps/7500 to 8000 RPM and a break rate of 750 to 800 BPS.
Power supply: 14.4 KV/10KVA pole transformer.

coming soon

Terry Blake's Classic Tesla Coil
operation with various spark gaps
120 BPS SRSG, 240 BPS SRSG, and ARSG
(1 minute)

The Medium Tesla coil is 25" tall with a base that is 18" x 24".
The 4"x22" secondary is PVC wound with #26 magnet wire.
The 13 turn, flat-spiral primary is 1/4" copper water tubing, tuned with a clamp.
The toroid is a 12" x 3" spun aluminum from Information Unlimited.
The cap is a 0.015 uF @45 KV Maxwell.
The power supply is a 14.4KV (1.5 KVA rated) Potential Transformer.
Current limiting is provided by a 500 foot roll of 12 Gauge wire.

(8 Mbytes)

(2 Mbytes)

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